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This is a selection of the work over several years. Many projects have multiple parts that range from interaction to broadcast and from small brands and prototypes to multi billion viewers and global reach. Where possible a link to the live version is added or a more detailed list of contributors and credits.


TAP METRO ('Tappy')

Character und Story development for Video Series to promote the use if the new multifunctional Metro L.A. Card. | Velorouten Hamburg | public vote

Initiative to collect votes for a better and future oriented bicycle fast lane system in Hamburg.
This included Brand development (communication), online and public project development, website production, shirts and stickers...


Augmented Reality Application bringing historical exhibition material to an urban highway underpass.
Plus realtime traffic info display and CTA for public interaction. Speculative Design.


Multiple Videos, Animation and Graphic Design for the Los Angeles Department of Transportation METRO LA.

BMW Next | Polo Car Configurator

Casefilm that explains the new features of the BMW Next Platform, BBDO Interone. Polor Car Configurator while driving...


Navigon Campaign | Garmin

Creative Direction for Navigon Campaign with TBWA.

VELO 360

Visualizing the urban bike experience with 360 degree view and motion design information.

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